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Amplitude Interactive supports creative agencies and freelancers by providing the audio editing, brand consulting, video editing, front-end web development, and WordPress services they don’t have in-house.

As of July 6, 2020, we are no longer accepting new clients. Existing clients may continue to contact us through current comm channels.

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Audio Editing

Does your audio recording have problems like uneven levels, background noise, clicks, or too much reverb? To fix or reduce these problems, Amplitude Interactive offers audio editing services including background noise reduction and removal, mixing multiple audio tracks, compression, equalization, volume or level adjustment, and more.

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Brand Consulting

Do your company brand assets—logos, imagery, graphics, and typography—need structure and documentation? Amplitude Interactive will consult with you to craft clear and concise brand standards and guidelines. We’ll also help you plan and effectively deploy your brand assets to your organization and partners, for better use and governance of your branding.

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Video Editing

If you’ve ever shot video footage on your own but need help with editing video, color-correction, or adding titles and graphics, Amplitude Interactive can help. We are experts with detail-oriented video editing tasks including complex multi-cam edits, color grading and correction, titles, and motion graphics. We’ll take your footage and make it shine.

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Web Development

Do you have an eye-catching website design, but need a web developer to bring it to life? Our web development services will transform your design into a flawlessly responsive site. We provide the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding your site needs to look its best on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and mobile devices. We’re also happy to consult with your designer(s) on Site Maps, Wireframes, Prototypes, and UI/UX topics. Plus, we love chatting with your copywriters about SEO best practices.

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WordPress Services

Do you need to create a website in a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, but don’t know where to start? Do you worry about reliable hosting, maintaining the site after deployment, and security? Our WordPress services will help you with every aspect of a WordPress site, including pre-planning, hosting, integrating a theme and plugins, user training, and security.

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