Audio Services Overview

Amplitude Interactive offers professional audio editing services including noise reduction & removal, mixing of multiple audio tracks, compression & EQ, editing of voiceovers & podcasts, and more. Scroll down to learn more about how each service can help your audio sound great.

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Noise Reduction and Noise Removal

Background noise is a common problem in audio recordings. It can take many forms, including wind gusts, electrical hum, chirping birds, air conditioners, and mouth clicks in voiceovers. Amplitude Interactive uses advanced noise reduction software to mitigate and in some (but not all) cases completely remove unwanted noise.

We will consult with you on your audio project to determine whether any pre-recorded “bad audio” can be rescued. If we think it can, we’ll provide a cost and time estimate for the cleanup work.

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Noise reduction in audio waveforms

Audio Mixing

Mixing is the process by which several different audio and sound sources, including vocals, music, and sound effects, are added together, then volume and dynamics adjusted, stereo panned, and otherwise enhanced so they sit well together in the final mixed track. Here are a few common scenarios we work with:

  • A one-person interview or voiceover
  • An event with several speakers and audience mics
  • A studio recording of a band
  • Dialog replacement

Amplitude Interactive can help with these scenarios and many more!

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Audio mixing software

Compression and EQ

When working with audio sources, Amplitude Interactive applies compression and equalization to make the final mixed audio sound its best.

In audio, compression reduces dynamic range by increasing the level of quieter sounds while limiting how loud the loudest sounds can be.

Equalization, or EQ, adjusts audio frequencies to make the final sound more pleasing. EQ can be used on narrow or wide frequency ranges. It can reduce sibilance (harsh “s” sounds), boost bass, or just about anything else where audio frequencies need a little help.

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Audio equalizer software

Voiceover and Podcast Editing

Amplitude Interactive often receives edits corporate videos and interviews that need unwanted sections removed. This typically happens when someone restarts a sentence or trips over a word. We will remove the unwanted audio and preserve smooth timing between remaining phrases.

We also take podcast audio and remove unwanted sections, apply compression and EQ as needed, and mix in music if desired. in other words, whatever it takes to make your recording sound more professional.

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Voiceover Microphone with Acoustic Treatment in the background