Video Editing Services Overview

As a professional video editor, Amplitude Interactive goes beyond standard timeline-based video editing to provide services including color grading and correction, chroma keying, titles & motion graphics, and more. Scroll down to learn more about each service. If you also need a live video shoot, we will be happy to help you by working through one of our partner agencies.

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Color Grading and Correction

Color grading and color correction are terms that describe altering the look of video by adjusting its exposure, contrast, white balance, color saturation, and tonal balance.

Color correction makes all colors more true to life by removing any “color cast” or imbalance that is present in the source. Color grading goes beyond correction by applying an overall “look” to footage, such as adding a blue color cast for night scenes or warmer tones for daylight.

At Amplitude Interactive, we work diligently with color to make your footage look its best.

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Photo of a movie studio color correction workstation

Chroma Keying

Chroma keying begins with filming in front of a pure color background, commonly called “green screen” or “blue screen.” This color is removed in post production and a different background is inserted. It’s how your local meteorologist can stand in front of motion graphics.

We will take your chroma-keyed footage and precisely remove the background while reducing color spillover from the chroma key. We’ll then adjust the lighting and color grade the foreground to better blend with whatever background is added. Done properly, you’d never know a scene was shot in a studio.

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A chroma key setup for filming in a modern studio

Titles and Motion Graphics

If you need titles superimposed on your footage, or motion graphics created to enhance your video presentation, Amplitude Interactive can help. Whether you need simple moving words, or entire particle systems, we can create just about anything you can imagine, for maximum impact on your audience.

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Graphic background similar to one used in sportscasts