Web Development Overview

Amplitude Interactive offers website development services including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. As a front-end web developer, we work in HTML 5, CSS 3, the Bootstrap 4 framework, and the jQuery library to make your web design come to life. We’ll also work with your design team to prototype their concepts and refine the user interface (UI).

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All good websites start with a solid underlying base of semantic HTML code. We’ll code your site to the latest standards, while working with you to determine which older browsers, operating systems, and devices to support.

We’ll also create an SEO-friendly page structure, from heading levels down to alt tags on images. To further enhance SEO with “rich data,” we’ll add schema tags as needed. And if your site needs to be ADA-compliant, we’ll go the extra mile to incorporate compatibility with screen readers.

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We’ll use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to apply a visual style to every element of your site. We can implement almost anything your designer can dream up, while at the same time coding efficiently.

CSS is more than just a coat of paint—it can also perform simple animations. If you want a button to change color gradually when a user hovers their mouse over it, CSS can do that. If we want to set up a simple image carousel, we can do that using CSS. Sometimes, these things are done in concert with JavaScript, but can often be purely-CSS solutions. We’ll determine the best way to approach it for better site performance.

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JavaScript can be used to dynamically change the content of your page, verify data, and create complex animations. For example, we often use JavaScript to check whether required fields are filled in on forms, and prompt the user to provide the missing information.

We also use JavaScript to handle complex logic that HTML and CSS alone can’t handle. For instance, we can apply “conditional logic” to forms by showing additional or optional fields when data is entered into another field. In this way you can create an inquiry form that displays different fields depending on whether the user is interested in your company’s services or a career opportunity.

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