WordPress Services Overview

Amplitude Interactive offers WordPress maintenance plans, security reviews, and user training for the world’s most popular CMS. Some estimates have WordPress powering over a third of all internet sites. So, what is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to easily create websites including static web pages, blogs, and image galleries. It uses a “theme” architecture, with which your content can be dramatically restyled in seconds (within reason). It’s also extensible through “plugins,” meaning you can add eCommerce, event calendars, membership content, and more, often in a few minutes.

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WordPress Site Maintenance

Amplitude Interactive offers maintenance plans for your WordPress site(s), starting at $50 per month. WordPress and third-party themes and plugins are frequently updated, so your site needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

We create a responsible plan for keeping your site up-to-date, and we’ll guide you toward reliable hosting that offers a staging site, so updates can be tested without bringing your live site down.

But maintenance is more than patching the site back-end. If you have frequent content or stylistic changes, we’ll be happy to make them for you.

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WordPress Security

As the most widely-used CMS in the world, WordPress is a target for hackers. Third-party themes and plugins are also enticing to bad actors. Add eCommerce into the mix, and the site becomes that much more attractive to the bad guys.

While there’s no fool-proof guarantee against hacking, Amplitude Interactive can minimize the chances through our security methodology. We guide you to a good host, then use well-supported themes and plugins. We deploy several security plugins to restrict access to the site back-end, prevent Brute Force login attempts, and mitigate hundreds of potential threats.

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Support and Training

The WordPress editing interface can be a bit challenging for new users. Amplitude Interactive is here to assist your users by training them on the system and being available to answer their questions during normal business hours.

While WordPress presents its own set of editing challenges, third-party themes are often bundled with visual page editors with their own learning curves. Additionally, plugins such as eCommerce solutions can present unique ways of editing products. The more complex the site, the more training and support you’ll likely need, and we are here to help.

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